Air solar collector for the winter garden

Air solar collector for the winter garden

To create independent and energy -efficient heating and ventilation, an air solar collector for the winter garden is used. With its help, a set of tasks is solved, the main of which is to maintain the temperature and humidity regime for plant growth in a covered greenhouse.
Unlike electric heaters, the solar collector for the winter garden does not dry the air, but only eliminates excess moisture and removes the products of the metabolism of colors. In the greenhouse, a microclimate is installed favorable for abundant flowering.
There are two types of collectors: for heating and ventilation. The principle of operation is similar. When it enters the collection of the sun, it turns on and begins to heat the air. Then the fan pumps it into the winter garden. Heat is given to groups with flowers, soil, walls, the room quickly warms up. But if necessary, it also cools quickly.

Air solar collector for heating the winter garden

If the air solar manifold is used to heating the winter garden, the device solves the following tasks:

  • supports a plus temperature comfortable for plants;
  • eliminates the likelihood of cold zones;
  • Protects the winter garden from freezing of the soil.

With the help of an air solar manifold, autonomous heating of the winter garden is created, the work of which does not depend on the heating system of the house, other outbuildings. The gardener regulates the temperature in the greenhouse, based on the needs of the colors, responding to seasonal temperature fluctuations.
Since collectors do not require connection to the mains, the winter garden always heats up, even if there are problems with fuel supply. The heating season does not inflict damage to the budget: collectors work on free energy, with their help it is profitable to create heating in large square greenhouses.

Air solar collector for ventilation of the winter garden

Air solar collector for the winter garden

Like any living organisms, plants need fresh air. But when organizing ventilation in the winter garden, there is also its own specifics: it is important that the ventilation system does not dry out air and does not create drafts, otherwise the plants will begin to hurt and stop developing. The optimal choice for ventilation of the winter garden is the air solar manifold.
Depending on the area of the room and the need for the fresh air, one or more collectors are installed in the greenhouse. In the process, they eliminate excessive moisture, prevent condensation. Their work is environmentally friendly and safe for humans and the environment.

Advantages of solar collectors

With the help of air solar collectors, modern autonomous heating and ventilation systems are successfully created. Consumers choose solar collectors for the winter garden, as this provides a number of advantages.

  • Financial savings.

Collectors have an affordable cost, do not require expensive service.

  • Simplicity of operation.

The device automatically turns on every time the sun falls on it.

  • Easy installation.

To install the collector, you do not need to develop complex design documentation, it is easy to choose the right equipment based on its power and area of the winter garden.
The heating or ventilation system created using the collector works without interruptions and does not consume expensive energy carriers. Therefore, an air solar collector for the winter garden is a reasonable choice of a modern person.

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