Air solar collector for country house

The air solar collector in the country is used to create ventilation and heating.The equipment works on updated solar energy, does not connect to the mains.The electricity consumption in the heating season is reduced, the load on the network does not increase.Optimized expenses for heating at home, accounts are reduced from electricity companies.
There are different models of solar collectors: they are distinguished by purpose – the creation of ventilation or heating, power, dimensions, costs. But the principle of operation is similar in all devices. Fresh air from the street enters the collector and heats up due to sunlight. In the winter season, the temperature can rise by 45ºS. Warled air flows under the influence of the fan rush into the rooms, displacing the stagnant air and giving heat to the floor, walls, and furniture. Then the air is removed through the ventilation holes and natural gaps.
Solar collectors in the country solve the main tasks of ventilation and heating.

Air solar manifold for heating a summer residence

Air solar collector for country house

Even if the cottage is not used in the cold season, the responsible owner seeks to protect the house from freezing. If a negative temperature is set indoors, ice is formed on the walls, building materials freeze, engineering communications, cables suffer.Their service life is sharply reduced.With the beginning of spring, the ice turns into water, the walls are damp, mold is actively growing, natural building materials begin to rot. The cottage becomes unsuitable for life and rest.Heating solves these problems.
The owner is interested in the heating to work autonomously, to be safe, since there is no way to constantly monitor the operation of the equipment.These requirements meet the air solar collector forgiving heating.

  • The device is easily mounted without prior development of design documentation.

Installation is performed independently, takes a minimum of time.

  • The equipment is autonomous, does not connect to the electric network.

Air solar collectors for heating in the country are suitable for use at non -electrified objects, since their work does not depend on electricity.

  • In the cold season, a stable positive temperature is maintained indoors.

The summer cottage is protected from freezing, the rooms are supported in the rooms comfortable for humans, pets and plants.

Air solar collector for ventilation of the summer cottage

Solar collectors in the country are also used to create ventilation.The device provides a constant influx of fresh air and the rapid abduction of stagnant.Additionally, humidity is regulated: excess moisture is removed, preventing the formation of condensate.A healthy microclimate is installed in the rooms, they “breathe easily” in them.The air solar collector for ventilation in the country creates comfortable conditions for life, protects the object from the formation of dampness, mold, reduction in service life due to inappropriate operating conditions.
Solar collectors are used for ventilation of the entire cottage or they work as local ventilation in utility rooms – bathrooms, pools, greenhouses, boiler rooms, cellars.

Advantages of using solar collectors in the country

Solar collectors are successfully used for ventilation and heating of private houses in most climatic zones. This is a popular solution in the USA, Canada, Russia, European and CIS countries. The low cost of the equipment and its installation, the lack of commissioning leads to the use of collectors in private farms.
The air solar manifold in the country effectively copes with the tasks of ventilation and heating. He is autonomous, easy to operate, his work does not require constant control.

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