Air solar collector for duplex

Duplex – a two-section house, divided into halves by a common wall and intended for two families. Typically, a duplex does not have centralized utilities; each owner independently equips ventilation and heating, choosing the most energy-efficient solutions for this. These include an air solar collector – a modern device that allows you to minimize home maintenance costs.

The principle of operation of heating and ventilation manifolds is similar. The equipment takes in outdoor air (or from the room), heats and dehumidifies it using solar energy. Then the prepared air masses are blown into the rooms by a fan. There is a pressure and temperature difference, as a result of active circulation, the exhaust air is replaced with fresh and warm air.
The solar collector in the duplex provides sufficient air flow, maintains a healthy microclimate in residential and utility buildings, and solves related problems.

Air solar collector for duplex ventilation

Air solar collector for duplex

According to existing hygiene standards, the air flow in living rooms should be at least 30 cubic meters per hour per person. Natural ventilation cannot cope with such volumes, therefore it is supplemented with supply systems.
The solar collector in the duplex provides the house with the necessary amount of fresh air, removes CO2 and unpleasant odors from the rooms. Additionally, the collector solves the following tasks:

  1. Dries the air – removes excess moisture from it.
  2. Prevents dampening of walls and finishes – extends the life of the building, household items.
  3. Removes unpleasant odors from the premises.
  4. Maintains a healthy microclimate and prevents the formation of mold.

Equipment is selected based on the area of the premises and their geometry. Collectors are suitable for creating centralized ventilation that works throughout the house, or for ventilating individual rooms.

Air solar collector for duplex heating

Heating is carried out as follows: the air is heated (by 10ºС … 40ºС) and enters the rooms. Heat is transferred to walls, floors, furniture. As a result, the room warms up. If necessary, the solar collector in the duplex can be turned off. Or it automatically heats the house every time the sun hits it.

Unlike other heating solutions, the installation of a collector does not require the preparation of complex project documentation, long installation work. There is no need to connect to the mains and supply a power line. The equipment runs on free solar energy, and no additional financial burden is created during the heating season.

Air solar collectors are used both to create full-fledged heating systems in a duplex, and in combination with other heating solutions, the collector saves when using the main heating system, reducing the load on it. Suitable for residential complexes, and for seasonal, temporary housing, objects under construction that need to be protected from freezing during the cold season.
Thanks to solar collectors in duplexes:

  • a positive temperature is always maintained;
  • the risk of freezing of building structures during the cold season and the associated increased wear is eliminated;
  • the formation of ice and condensate is not allowed.

Why solar systems are a good solution?

The main advantage of air collectors is the ability to optimize the ventilation and heating of the house. The systems fully cope with workloads, maintain comfortable living conditions.

  1. Minimum purchase, installation and maintenance costs.
    The collectors are easy to choose, you can calculate the required power without the involvement of a heating engineer or complex preliminary calculations. The cost of the equipment is comparable to the cost of other ventilation systems and is more profitable than many heating solutions.
  2. Free operation.
    The equipment does not consume any irreplaceable energy resources.
  3. The possibility of creating centralized and decentralized engineering solutions.
    With the help of duplex collectors, it is easy to create a common ventilation and heating system, or to provide additional heating ventilation to rooms that need it.

The air solar collector for duplex is actively used in the countries of North America, Europe and worldwide.

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