Air solar collector for greenhouse

If it is necessary to create autonomous and economical ventilation and heating in the greenhouse, solar energy equipment is used. Such as an air solar collector for a greenhouse. The device does not require connection to the mains or centralized engineering communications, works exclusively on the energy of the Sun, due to which the economic feasibility of its use is achieved.
The model of a solar collector for a greenhouse is selected based on tasks (creating a full ventilation or heating) and the size of the greenhouse. The principle of operation of the equipment is as follows: the collector, due to solar energy, heats the street air entering it and by means of the fan hesitates it into a greenhouse. Air masses evenly fill the entire volume of the structure, giving heat to the walls and soil. The spent air is removed through natural gaps along with excess moisture, carbon dioxide and other plant metabolism products.

Air solar collector for heating greenhouse

Air solar collector for greenhouse

Heating in a greenhouse is necessary for year -round cultivation of plants. Its main task is to prevent the freezing of the soil and provide uniform temperature, optimal for the growth of vegetables and fruits and their ripening. Using an air solar collector for heating, a greenhouse is achieved:

  1. The uniformity of heating of the greenhouse is not formed by cold zones;
  2. Maintaining a stable positive temperature throughout the heating season;
  3. The independence of the system – heating works without connecting to the mains. Even in the case of problems with the supply of electricity or other energy resources, there will always be a plus in the greenhouse
  4. temperature, the safety of the crop is guaranteed;
  5. Creating heating in remote and non -electrified areas.

Another important advantage provided by collectors is the quick heating of the greenhouse and its rapid cooling if necessary. The equipment allows you to sensitively respond to daily temperature fluctuations and maintain optimal conditions in the greenhouse.

Air solar collector for greenhouse ventilation

Air solar collector for greenhouse

The solar manifold is also used for ventilation of a greenhouse. In this case, the equipment tasks include:

  1. Maintaining natural humidity;
  2. An influx of fresh air;
  3. Timely removal of carbon dioxide.

When using collectors, the risk of drafts that is dangerous to many plants is excluded. In this case, the device provides quick air exchange in the greenhouses of any volume.

Key advantages of solar collectors

The effectiveness of the air solar collector for a greenhouse is made up of several factors. With the help of this equipment, the problems of both heating and ventilation are solved. It is environmentally friendly, does not consume electricity or fuel, in the process of work it does not form exhaust gases or other products that are dangerous to humans or greenhouse plants. The use of updated solar energy reduces heating and ventilation costs.
Installation of air solar collectors for ventilation and heating of greenhouses does not require the development of design documentation or coordination with controlling authorities. Choosing a suitable model is as simple as installing it – it is enough to evaluate the power of a particular equipment and know the area of the greenhouse.
Due to its advantages, an air solar collector for a greenhouse is successfully used in many European countries. Collectors are gaining popularity in various regions, allowing year -round harvesting without additional costs for heating and ventilation of greenhouses.

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