Air solar collector for greenhouses

The air solar collector for greenhouses provides airing and warming up the air using the energy of the sun.This reduces heating costs and the organization of ventilation using electricity.
The solar collector for the greenhouse creates comfortable conditions for the active growth and development of plants: it provides air exchange, the set parameters of temperature and humidity.

How does the air solar collector work for greenhouses?

The principle of heating and ventilation of greenhouses using the collector is to warm the air with sunlight.
Next, warm air is supplied to the room using a built -in fan.The spent air is removed from the room through natural gaps, through the output valve, through the windows and windows.
In the greenhouse, you can use both a ventilation collector and heating.The choice of the model depends on the design of the greenhouse, the level of insolation in the region and the plants grown.

Advantages of using solar collectors for greenhouse

Air solar collector for greenhouses

Solar energy for heating and ventilation of greenhouses has long been used in China and Europe.Solar panels are installed in industrial greenhouses and small farms.In Russia, the use of alternative energy sources is only gaining popularity.
Basicreasons to switch to a combined system of ventilation and heating of greenhouses:

  • reduction in electricity costs or other media – the air solar manifold works autonomously, only for the energy of the sun;
  • accessibility- sunlight is where traditional gas and power networks;
  • Safety is the possibility of short circuit or fire, since there is no electric network.

The use of solar energy for heating and ventilation of greenhouses is available throughout Russia: from Vladivostok to Krasnodar.And at any time of the year: the air solar manifold in the greenhouse warms the air even in winter.

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