Analysis of electricity costs: Kotor is the leader in Montenegro in terms of bills

Analysis of electricity costs in Montenegro

The month of April brought with it interesting data on electricity costs in Montenegrin households. According to Elektroprivreda Crne Gore reports, the average bill per household for consumed electricity was 32.33 euros. However, the highest amounts were spent by the residents of Kotor, causing interest and attention to the issue of electricity consumption in this region.

“Households consumed 114,563,991 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity in April, down about 10.12 percent from the consumption achieved in March. Compared to April 2022, consumption is higher by 7.32 percent,” the state energy company specifies.

The lowest consumption was among households in Zabljak, whose average bill was 17.86 euros. The highest figure was in Kotor, where households consumed an average of 40.33 euros.

“A bill of up to 30 euros will be received by 62.8 percent of households, between 30 and 50 euros by 17.4 percent of consumers, between 50 and 100 euros by 15.8 percent of customers, with consumption over 100 euros by 4 percent of customers,” the EPCG noted.

They recall that 176,629, or 45.67 percent of households in Montenegro are regular payers who have received the discount.

Analysis of electricity costs in Montenegro in April 2023

Information on average electricity bills in April drew attention to consumption and costs in Montenegrin households. Residents of Kotor were the leaders in spending on electricity, which may indicate the peculiarities of their consumption behavior. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the majority of households received bills below 30 euros, and a large proportion of the population became regular payers with discounts. These data provide useful information for developing strategies to save energy and improve energy efficiency in Montenegro.

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