Attic air solar collector

It is impossible to turn the attic into a full housing without engineering communications. The air solar collector for the attic creates economical and effective heating and ventilation, is simply set and does not increase electricity accounts in the heating season.

The choice in favor of solar energy equipment is attractive when the consumer wants to minimize the costs of electricity, gas, gasoline or diesel fuel and reduce ventilation and heating costs. The solar collector for the attic is successfully used in many countries and is becoming a popular solution in various regions.
There are two types of collectors: heating and ventilation. Devices work according to a similar scheme: heat the air and serve it to the rooms. Heat is given to the ceiling, walls, household items, the room warms up well, after which the air is naturally removed through ventilation shafts and cracks.
The capacity and performance of the collectors is different and is selected taking into account the area of the attic.

Features of the use of a solar collector for the heating of the attic

Attic air solar collector

The air solar collector creates heating on the attic, independent of communications in the rest of the house. The room is easy to adjust the temperature, and an additional load does not fall on the boiler room, gas flow or other fuel does not grow. The heating season requires minimal financial costs. Since the collector does not connect to the mains, the attic is always warm, even if there are interruptions in the supply of electricity.
Air solar collector for heating the attic solves the following problems:

  • protects against cold weather and maintains a temperature comfortable for a person;
  • does not allow freezing of the roof;
  • Protects the walls from icing, and roof insulation from getting wet.

As a result, the attic turns into a full dwelling that can be converted into a bedroom, children’s, office, studio, heat loss is reduced, the energy efficiency of the whole house is growing.

Air solar manifold ventilation

Attic air solar collector

Solar collectors are also used to create ventilation. At an hour, they provide an influx of fresh air in a volume of at least 30 m3 for each adult. It is pleasant to be in the room, a healthy microclimate is installed in it, carbon dioxide is removed in a timely manner. Another advantage of collectors – they remove excess moisture, condensate does not fall on the walls, which leads to the development of mold and damage to building materials.

In order for the air collector for the attic working more efficiently, the equipment is installed on the sunny side of the house.

Advantages of solar collectors

The use of air solar collectors for ventilation and heating of the attic does not require the development of design documentation, inserts into existing utilities. It is not necessary to coordinate with energy -bust or control authorities, installation work takes a minimum of time. This is a simple solution from a technical point of view, which allows you to create modern heating and ventilation systems suitable for residential premises.
With the help of solar collectors for the attic, it is easy to control temperature and humidity indicators. The devices are turned on automatically – there will always be fresh air and plus temperature in the house, even if the owners do not live in it in the cold season.
The air solar collector for the attic is safe and easy to operate, it is a convenient, environmentally friendly and modern solution.

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