Additional heating in the house

The winter is coming. This means that the issue of additional heating is becoming relevant again.
Home heating can be traditional or alternative.

Additional heating in the homes of Russians is represented by:

Additional heating in the house
  • electrical appliances such as heaters;
  • air systems (air is driven through the heat exchanger and distributed throughout the premises using special channels).

But in addition to the systems that have become traditional, there are options for alternative home heating. The name “alternative”, in this case, reflects the essence of the energy carrier. Heating in the house can be supplemented:

  • solar collectors;
  • geothermal heat pumps (using the energy of the earth and water);
  • infrared heaters;
  • biofuel boilers (wood chips, peat, straw, special briquettes).

The main effect of switching to alternative sources of heating at home is that the financial costs of heating are reduced. The growth of tariffs for electricity and gas, the improvement of technologies for the use of alternative energy in total lead to the fact that additional heating in the house with the help of alternative energy is becoming more and more popular.

Indicators of efficiency of heating systems in the house

The energy audit and the research base of heating systems, accumulated by design engineers, reveal the following values ​​of the energy efficiency factor:

SystemCoefficient value (average)
Heat pump65%
solar collector80-85%
Infrared heaters65-70%

The table below gives an understanding of which home heating is better.
When using a traditional heating system, approximately 60% of the heat energy is lost (with the exhaust gases of boilers, furnaces, and chambers). Combined heating in a private house (for example, gas with solar) will make up for the lost interest.

Advantages of the alternative system

Advantages of the alternative system

The advantages of an alternative heating system in a private house are:

  • reduction in energy costs (alternative sources do not require an operation on electricity);
  • increasing the efficiency of storing thermal energy indoors (shown in the table);
  • maintaining acceptable humidity (60-65%) in the room;
  • availability of natural energy sources (land, water, wind, sun);
  • environmental Safety;
  • ease of equipment installation.

Solar home heating is available for use in both private and multi-family buildings.
In Europe, a solar-heated home is a common sight. The use of solar energy in the West is available to both the housewife and the entrepreneur. In Russia, heating a house with the help of the sun is still an innovation. But now it is available to everyone with the help of an air solar collector.

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