Cottage heating: search for the optimal solution

Cottage heating: search for the optimal solution

A full-fledged residential building is a rarity in a summer cottage. Temporary small premises and lightweight structures are used much more often in situations where permanent residence is not required since they are economical and do not require complex maintenance. Even engineering systems are not always fully implemented: first of all, this concerns water supply and sewerage. At the same time, the question of choosing an effective way to heat a dacha inevitably needs to be addressed.

How can I heat the cottage (what are the means, their advantages and disadvantages)

This means that providing a heat supply is mandatory for use in any room in the climate of most regions of Russia. Installation of a full-fledged heating system in poorly insulated buildings for temporary stay most often does not seem to be economically justified. Heating rooms in the country are often complicated by the lack of a stable supply of electricity, and in winter – it’s a complete seasonal shutdown.

Solving the problem of how to heat the cottage, if there is no heating, requires taking into account the following nuances:

  • seasonality of residence and the impossibility of regular full-fledged care for heating appliances;
  • availability of resources for organizing a heating system for a summer residence (electricity, gas);
  • the volume of financial investments;
  • risk of loss of property due to insufficient protection and theft.

Comparison of heating means for country houses and temporary houses

Heating system optionProsMinuses
Devices for gas-fired outdoor heatingThe units are mobile and multifunctional. They are suitable not only for heating the house, but also for the playground, veranda, heating greenhouses, hothouses and beds.Gasification of dachas is not a cheap pleasure. Using a gas cylinder will require compliance with two conditions: the availability of own transport and a filling station nearby.
Electric infrared heatersThe fixtures can be mounted on the wall, the ceiling, or even hidden under cladding or wallpaper. There is a great variety in the design of this kind of devices – there is a choice for every taste. The products are extremely economical in terms of energy consumption.Unstable power supply can be the reason for the interruption of heat supply.
Electric convectorsThe devices are safe in operation (the body practically does not heat up), easily mounted on the wall or on the floor, they function without the need for constant supervision. The convector principle of operation allows you to warm the room quickly by mixing the air masses.A constant power supply is required for the operation of the convector.
Oil radiatorsThe devices are mobile and are able to maintain an optimal room temperature if the rules of operation are followed.The units are often heavy, air-drying, and unsafe – their housing gets very hot during operation, which can cause domestic injuries. They depend on a continuous supply of electricity, the level of its consumption is determined by the capacity of the product.
Heat FansThis type of device is lightweight and extremely mobile. They are able to warm the room quickly by mixing the air efficiently.Heat guns require a constant supply of electrical current to operate. They are also not designed for continuous operation.
FurnacesThere are several varieties of stoves. They differ in the type of fuel used for operation, size and functionality. This type of heating is independent of the availability of electricity.For the installation of the stove and storage of fuel you will need to provide some space. Not every cottage can be equipped with such a construction due to the use of lightweight versions of the foundation and floors. The heating process requires constant supervision to avoid fire
Solar collectorsThe equipment is easy to install, allows you to implement a system of local heating and economical heating of dachas without gas and electricity; it can work in the absence of the owners. The device uses solar energy and does not require additional financial expenses.The solar insolation values of a particular region are a determining factor for collector efficiency.

The practice of using solar collectors for heating cottages

The principle of operation of the collector is to activate the solar panel with sunlight, after which the device filters and heats the air in the room, additionally mixing it with a fan. The technique of air heating of the dacha allows you to quickly raise the temperature in the rooms.

A completely autonomous mechanism for the operation of the device provides the possibility of heating the premises even in the cold season when the owners are not present at the dacha. Maintaining the temperature above 0°C on an ongoing basis protects the building from premature wear, and damage to things and materials due to condensation, and mold.

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