Cottage ventilation

Cottage – a comfortable residential building in a city or in the suburbs (the second option is more common). Do you need ventilation in the cottage? A favorable microclimate in a residential area directly depends on good air recirculation, so ventilation in the cottage is necessary.

Proper ventilation in the cottage provides:

  • comfortable air temperature and humidity;
  • enough oxygen;
  • absence of unpleasant odors or dust;
  • protection of property and the premises itself from damage as a result of the possible formation of fungus, condensation, mold.

Proper ventilation in the cottage: norms

Proper ventilation in the cottage: norms

The cottage ventilation system is considered to be of high quality if it provides the following parameters of a favorable microclimate:

  • air temperature 20–25°C;
  • relative humidity 45–60%.

Cottage ventilation: types

Distinguish forced or natural ventilation of the cottage.
The principle by which the natural ventilation of the cottage works is based on the action of gravitational forces (cold air descends, warm air rises). Air exchange is carried out thanks to open windows and vents. At the same time, natural ventilation has disadvantages:

  • when one window is opened, ventilation occurs only in a room with an open window, which is not enough for high-quality ventilation;
  • when you open all the windows, you will cool the house in a short time, but in hot weather, air exchange will not take place if the air temperature outside the room is higher than the air temperature inside;
  • in the micro-ventilation mode, the amount of incoming air may be insufficient;
  • ventilation is carried out and controlled manually.

The forced ventilation system of the cottage is based on the operation of built-in supply and exhaust ducts. The system is equipped with fans, filters, control devices. Fresh air is supplied to the room through the supply channel, and the exhaust valve throws out the exhaust air to the street. This system requires financial investments: both in installation and in paying electricity bills.

Solar Ventilation Systems

Solar Ventilation Systems

The answer to the question: “Do I need ventilation in the cottage?” – “Need!”. But is there a way to avoid incurring system maintenance costs? There is. Equipment capable of accumulating solar energy has already been developed. In Europe, the USA, Canada, such devices are actively used, and such equipment is also available on the Russian market. Collectors powered by solar energy are easy to install and require only purchase costs, eliminating the issue of running costs.
Ventilation in a cottage with the help of equipment that accumulates the energy of sunlight even in the cold season is available from the Crimea to Kamchatka.

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