High humidity in the bath

High humidity in the bath

High humidity in the bath is one of the conditions for healing and comfortable rest. Humidity indicators vary from 0% to 100%, and the therapeutic effect depends on the set temperature and humidity conditions. The optimum humidity is:

  • for the Finnish bath (sauna): 0-10%;
  • for a hot Russian bath: up to 35%;
  • for the Russian steam room: up to 65%;
  • for Turkish bath (hammam): up to 100%.

But when the bath is not in use, it should be dry. High humidity leads to serious problems.

Moisture Violation

Other problems arise due to dampness in the bath: it causes metal corrosion, affects the insulation of wires, and increases the risk of a short circuit and fire. Condensation accumulates in drains: the water swamps, mud and insects appear in it in summer, and in winter it exudes an unpleasant odor. One of the problems is the violation of a healthy microclimate: it is unpleasant to be in such a room, but you can forget about a comfortable rest.
If the humidity standards in the bath are violated, it quickly fails and requires constant financial costs to replace the rotten lining and failed to wire. Wooden furnishings and upholstery first swell and then rot. They lose their attractiveness and functionality, it is impossible to save rotten wood, and the bath will have to be repaired.

How to lower the humidity in the dressing room and bath?

Proper ventilation and dehumidifiers must be installed to establish the optimum moisture level. The principle of operation of these devices is simple: they heat the air and pump it into the steam room. As a result, the room is dried, the condensation on the walls evaporates, excess moisture is removed, and a healthy microclimate is maintained in the bathhouse. It is effective to turn on dehumidifiers every time after using the room. This is enough not to think about how to remove the humidity in the bath and eliminate its consequences.
To establish and maintain normal conditions, it is necessary to select a suitable dryer. Some models run on electricity, however, recently solar-powered equipment has received more interest. Unlike electric dehumidifiers, they do not consume expensive electricity or put stress on wiring, making them fireproof.

Air dehumidification in the bath is inexpensive

Solar dehumidification of the premises is recognized not only as an effective but also an economical option for eliminating high humidity in the bath. One or more collectors are installed in the room, the power of which depends on the area of ​​the steam room. The equipment automatically turns on every time the sun hits it, but it can be turned off while using the sauna. Since no electrical connection is required, this is the best option for draining non-electrified buildings.
Solar appliances run on free solar energy, are easy to install and competitively priced. And most importantly: they allow you to maintain the humidity in the bath at the right level and protect it from dampness and mold.

Bring the humidity in the bath back to normal

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