High humidity in the cellar

What humidity should be in the cellar? It should not be too high for the structure to cope with its main task – ensuring the safety of vegetables, canned food, drinks, etc. Humidity standards in the cellar recommend that this figure does not exceed 95%. If we are talking, for example, about potatoes, then a value of 85% acts as a lower limit. Otherwise, the tubers will dry out. It is also important to pay attention to temperature indicators. For the same potato, the optimum storage temperature is 2–5 °C.
If the humidity standards in the cellar are violated, the formation of excess moisture leads to the following problems:

  • stored products deteriorate;
  • the mold that is dangerous to human health appears;
  • shelves and partitions are deformed and rot;
  • there is an unpleasant smell that penetrates the living quarters.

Thus, the increased humidity in the cellar negatively affects the property, the condition of the premises itself, and human health.

How to reduce humidity in the cellar

High humidity in the cellar

If there is high humidity in the cellar, then natural ventilation is not enough and forced ventilation must be introduced. The task of proper ventilation is to eliminate high humidity in the cellar and ensure the flow of fresh air.
Automation for lowering the humidity in the cellar is based on the action of mechanical fans that are powered by electricity.

Automatic installation that will save the cellar from moisture

We figured out that if there is a lot of humidity in the cellar, this leads to a number of problems. To protect yourself from the consequences, it is necessary that the air humidity indicators comply with the standards. But how to achieve this compliance without increasing the cost of electricity? The solution is solar-powered equipment.
Such devices are offered on the foreign and Russian markets. The equipment is easy to install and does not require operating costs. Devices are able to accumulate and convert the energy of sunlight in any region. Solar dehumidification is an effective solution to keep the humidity in the cellar at an optimal level all year round.

Rid the cellar of high humidity

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