High humidity in the pool

High humidity in the pool

Humidity in the pool ensures good health and comfortable stay of a person in the room. What humidity should be in the pool according to the norms? The optimum humidity in the pool (SNiP norm) is 50-60%.
If the humidity in the pool exceeds the norms of SNiP, there is a threat of the following consequences:

  • deterioration in the well-being of visitors;
  • unfavorable indoor climate;
  • condensation and mold.

Improper ventilation is the reason for exceeding sanitary norms and rules. High-quality ventilation should ensure the removal of excess moisture and the flow of fresh air.

How to get rid of high humidity in the pool room

Now you know what humidity should be in the pool. If natural ventilation cannot cope with ensuring that the indicators are in line with the norm, then forced ventilation is organized. Such a system is equipped with mechanical fans, controls and filters. The operation of the equipment is ensured by the connection to the mains. The disadvantage of the system is the cost of paying for electricity.

How to eliminate high humidity in the pool with 100% result

Causes of high relative humidity can be eliminated with more than just a costly electrical system. Foreign and Russian markets offer equipment that operates independently of the power grid, using solar energy. Thus, such devices do not require maintenance costs. Free, inexhaustible and publicly available solar energy can be accumulated and transformed in any region. With the help of such collectors, it is possible to maintain the humidity in the pool at the required level all year round. The operation of the devices is safe – it does not cause short circuits in the network or ignition of the wiring.

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