Installation of the world’s first sidewalk from the “solar” coating

The world’s first sidewalk on the basis of plates, which are modified helio panels, was mounted in Canada (Kamlups) in June 2017. The authorship of the project belongs to young specialists from the local Thompson Rivers University, who predicted energy production by an annual volume of 15,000 kW*h due to uninterrupted functioning of the installed equipment. This is enough for the power supply:

  • 40 personal computers for 8 hours daily;
  • 1.5 residential buildings with average energy consumption indicators for the United States.
Installation of the world's first sidewalk from the "solar" coating

The area of the sidewalk is 111 square meters.m, it is installed before the main entrance of one of the university buildings. It took 64 SOLAR Compass stoves for the manufacture of the famous Solar Earth Technologies which is engaged in the release of specialized road coverage for solar energy.

The estimated service life of the sidewalk is estimated at 25-30 years, which will save significant cash. Each two-meter slab consists of 50 modules for capturing the energy of the Sun and 32 microvalentors for processing it into a direct electric current.

The project is based on the use of wear-resistant materials. A similar sidewalk not only with ease withstands the weight of a person, but even a significant mass of special equipment, for example, a fire engine.

As you can see, the future is behind solar technologies! You can become part of it right now: we offer to see energy-efficient systems that will make life more comfortable now.

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