Mold and fungi in a townhouse: we solve the problem forever

When building a townhouse, developers face a dilemma: they need to organize effective ventilation but make it separate for each sector (apartment) so that future residents do not depend on each other. Because it is costly to install multiple stand-alone systems, only natural ventilation is envisaged to save money, which only partly copes with the task of replacing indoor air. As a result, mold appears in the townhouse.
When a new owner moves in, in order to avoid problems with the fungus and not be surprised where it came from, it is recommended to immediately install mechanical supply and exhaust equipment that maintains constant air exchange.

The Influence of mold on a townhouse

The influence of mold on a townhouse

Most often, the fungus occurs in damp and dark rooms. He “likes” to grow in boiler rooms and boiler rooms, in laundries, and behind water and sewer pipes. Often, mold affects attics and attics – in autumn and spring, these are the dampest rooms in the whole house due to sharp daily temperature fluctuations and condensation. Colonies are found in the basement, in the kitchen, in the bathroom. If the house is built in an area with high air humidity (for example, in a lowland, next to a pond), then the fungus can appear anywhere from the hallway to the master bedroom.
The main harm from fungal colonies is:

  • The destruction of finishing materials, furniture upholstery, home textiles – the fungus looks extremely unpleasant, hard-to-remove stains, gray and yellow spots, black plaque can appear on any surface.
  • Decrease in the performance of load-bearing structures – mold causes wood rotting and metal corrosion, the townhouse loses its strength, loads on the foundation change, microcracks may appear in the walls. In case of serious damage, major repairs will be required.
  • Damage to the insulation of the wiring – the cores are exposed, the risk of a short circuit increases, and a fire hazard situation is created.
  • Failure of pipelines – they begin to leak, and ruptures are possible during hydraulic shocks.

The appearance of a fungus in a building leads to the need for serious repairs, partial or complete replacement of utilities. It is much easier and cheaper to protect the premises in advance from the growth of colonies.

How to protect a townhouse from a fungus

Effective protection of a townhouse from mold is the creation of unfavorable conditions for the growth of fungus in it. The main factor is the quality ventilation of the rooms.
Some owners believe that the installation of split systems (air conditioners) will solve this problem. But the equipment cannot cope with the full and rapid replacement of the entire volume of air. In addition, a constantly running air conditioner is a serious blow to the budget: the device consumes a large amount of electricity, quickly breaks down, and requires regular maintenance (refrigerant replacement, for example).
Much more economical and efficient is the installation of mechanical ventilation. Instead of electrical equipment, you can choose solar collectors that work on free solar energy and do not need to be connected to the mains.
With the help of collectors, it is easy to organize autonomous ventilation of an apartment in a townhouse, or create additional ventilation in damp rooms: for example, in a bathroom or in an attic. The property owner optimizes the cost of creating effective ventilation. And there will be no costs during operation – the devices do not need maintenance and do not consume any paid energy resources.


A fungus in a townhouse can lead to serious consequences and force the owner to make cosmetic or major repairs ahead of time. To protect the premises, it is enough to create good ventilation. This can be done with the help of supply and exhaust systems.
Solar-powered devices are especially energy efficient. They are autonomous, do not require human control, do not load the power grid, are mounted without coordination with the regulatory authorities. But the main thing: they eliminate dampness in the house, which means that mold will not appear in the townhouse.

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