Mold in the country: the problem and its solution

Mold in the country: the problem and its solution

Leaving the dacha to “winter”, in the spring they found that the walls, floor, and corners were covered with black spots, and there was an unpleasant smell in the room? This is all mold, in the country it is a private phenomenon, which is typical for both old wooden houses and new buildings.

What is it and where does mold come from?

Mold is a colony of fungi. In a wooden house there can be several varieties of them – house mushroom, black, white fungi. They differ in appearance, the most toxic of them is black fungus. A healthy person, being in a room affected by it, after a while will feel a deterioration in well-being – dizziness and weakness. This is the result of the activity of toxins that the fungus produces.
Mold in the country house is developing rapidly: fungal spores penetrate into the ceilings of the room, growing, affecting all new zones.

Where does mold come from?
The main reason for its appearance is dampness and moisture. As well as:

  • poor ventilation;
  • lack of sunlight;
  • raw log;
  • fungus-infected building materials;
  • moisture getting into the house (roof leakage, etc.);
  • the appearance of condensation.

If you do not fight the fungus, then after 2-3 years the walls will begin to collapse. And mold on the floor of the cottage will cause it to collapse. Resting in such a house is not safe, especially for small children.

Getting rid of the cottage from mold and preventing its formation

How to protect your home from mold? Move to a house for permanent residence, conduct all communications – heat, gas, electricity? How much money will be needed for this, what to do if there is no possibility of moving?

Getting rid of the cottage from mold and preventing its formation

A simple solution to protect the cottage from mold is the arrangement of ventilation. It also costs money: to install fans, to install air ducts. It requires maintenance: fans do not work without electricity, and bills come for it. Is it turn out that getting rid of mold and protecting the cottage from it is too expensive? No.

A simple and inexpensive solution to the problem of mold and ventilation is solar ventilation at home.
It works both in winter and summer. It does not require electricity. This method of prevention against the appearance of a fungus in the house is suitable for all summer residents: both those who come to the sites in winter and those who come to them only in the sowing season.

The use of solar energy instead of electricity – such a replacement has long been used abroad, for example, on farms. Russian summer residents are also aware of this possibility. The technology of using a solar collector as a dehumidifier and ventilation system in rooms has long been tested.
Autonomy, budget, no breakdowns – the use of solar-powered ventilation of a country house is a cost-effective way to get rid of such a problem as mold in the country.

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