Organization of sauna ventilation

The tradition of steaming in a dry bath came to us from Finland, so you can often hear the phrase “Finnish sauna”. It is distinguished from the bath by low humidity in the room: the maximum figure reaches only 10-20%. Nevertheless, the problem of airing the sauna remains relevant. Why? The influx of oxygen, timely drying after procedures, the removal of vapors and heating products are the necessary conditions for the comfort of the owners.
Improper ventilation in the sauna leads to:

  • the appearance of mold, fungus and bacteria;
  • reducing the life of the premises;
  • dampening of ceilings, decorative elements, furniture;
  • uneven heating of the sauna;
  • loss of aesthetic appearance.

Means of ventilation

Organization of sauna ventilation

How to properly ventilate the sauna? Air circulation in the room is possible in several ways:

  1. Natural ventilation – the exchange of air due to different pressures in the street and in the room.

This method of convection can be divided into two types: conventional ventilation through a window or door; air changers.
The disadvantages of the method are drafts, uncontrolled air exchange and daily different air replacement forces due to temperature differences in the street and in the steam room.

  1. Mechanical ventilation – the use of supply and exhaust ventilation systems.

This system involves a combination of exhaust and artificial air flow. It is possible to use silencers and filters. Forced ventilation is possible due to solar and electrical systems. The latter are effective but not economical to use. When the voltage drops, the devices turn off, a short circuit sometimes leads to a fire or a breakdown of the device.

How to ventilate the sauna profitably and safely?

The technology of using solar systems for ventilation came to us from Europe and America. There is no need to spend money on electricity every month, and the devices work every day and at any time of the year when the sun is shining.
You can install the device on the roof or wall of any building.
Many residents of the Russian Federation have already assessed the safety, efficiency, environmental friendliness and quality of solar collectors for ventilation of premises of any type.

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