Organization of ventilation in the sauna

The main task of airing the bath is to ensure comfortable air exchange, a sufficient amount of oxygen, and dehumidification of the room without drafts. In case of improper organization of ventilation:

  1. The service life of wood coatings, especially floors and ceilings, is sharply reduced. The accumulated moisture is not removed and destroys the material.
  2. There is a danger to the health and life of people. Without proper drying of the bath, carbon monoxide is not removed, which can lead to death.
  3. Unpleasant odors of dampness, fungal flora, mustiness and decay of wood appear. The aesthetics of the room and comfort disappear.

The question is especially relevant: “How to ventilate the bath?” for the winter season. Condensation that forms near windows freezes and can cause faster wear. To avoid possible problems, airing after the end of each procedure is necessary.

Means of ventilation

Means of ventilation

Classification of ventilation means in the bath:

Natural ventilation, which is carried out due to the difference in air outside and inside the bath. It is necessary to have openings for air inflow next to the furnace and exhaust on the opposite side. The advantage of the method is that there is no need to buy equipment. The disadvantage is the low air exchange rate, which contributes to the development of rot, mold and fungus.

Mechanical ventilation. Three main types:

  • exhaust – forced removal of air and flow through the inlets; not desirable for a bath due to slow air exchange;
  • supply – natural removal of air and forced supply of fresh;
  • supply and exhaust – supply and output of air by forced method.

Advantages of mechanical ventilation: independence from the weather and temperature outside; prevention of dampness and excess moisture. The only minutes – the arrangement of mechanics requires constant financial investments.

Combined ventilation— combination of natural ventilation and the use of a fan.

The most economical option

As one of the types of forced ventilation, solar collectors are becoming popular. To ventilate the bath, the use of solar energy is one of the most profitable options. Why? The devices use only solar energy to operate.

Speaking of saving electricity, the cost of a one-time purchase of equipment pays off within 5 years. Manufacturers in Russia produce complete models with mounting systems on the roof or on the wall.

Autonomous ventilation systems

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