Overview of attic heaters: the choice of inexpensive and efficient heating

Insufficient heating of the attic does not allow efficient use of the premises, creates a risk of accelerated wear of the truss system and the thermal insulation layer of the roof. In the cold season, the attic freezes, and with a thaw, wall and roofing materials are saturated with water. The wood swells and begins to rot, metal structures rust, the finish is covered with stains and mold. The room becomes unsuitable even for storing things and requires a major overhaul.
To avoid this, it is enough to decide how to heat the attic. The homeowner is interested in choosing equipment that:

  • Maintains the same temperature throughout the room.
  • Allows you to optimize heating costs.
  • Does not require complex connection and maintenance.
  • Can work without human control.

How to heat the attic floor?

How to heat the attic floor?

Various solutions are used for heating, depending on the configuration of the room, its area and other features. If attic heating is required in seasonal housing (for example, in a country house), then the best option would be to abandon traditional heating in favor of installing autonomous equipment that is turned on only when necessary.
It is more difficult in a year-round cottage: the selected device must constantly maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the entire autumn-winter period. And if at the same time a large amount of expensive resources is required, the costs of maintaining a house can increase many times over. The most expensive option is the installation of electric heaters and fan heaters.
But heating the attic above the bath can be created with minimal spending. Many owners generally refuse to use additional heating: to warm up the room, there is enough heat rising from the lower floor. But in case of cold winters, it is better to have a backup plan: an independent economical heater. Moreover, today it is possible to cope with heating without the use of electricity. How to do it?

How to heat an attic without electricity?

Electricity is an expensive energy carrier. To reduce costs during the heating season, it is recommended to choose equipment that does not consume this resource. Air collectors are a good alternative, they run on solar energy:

  1. Evenly warm up the room of any area (they work on the principle of a heat fan).
  2. They do not consume paid energy resources: heating the attic will not require any investments (except for the initial cost of purchasing equipment).
  3. Suitable for installation in non-electrified rooms, rooms with increased fire safety requirements: for example, for heating an attic above a bathhouse.
  4. They do not create a risk of short circuit and can be used without human control: the house will always be warm.

Summing up

The organization of autonomous heating at minimal cost requires a careful approach to the choice of equipment. An increasing number of homeowners refuse electrical appliances because of the high cost of their work: if you need constant heating in the cold season, the use of electricity significantly increases the cost of maintaining a cottage.

A good alternative is to heat the attic with solar energy. The device effectively solves the problem of maintaining a stable high temperature and at the same time does not require any costs for its work. This is a really economical option.

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