Ventilation in the bungalow

Ventilation in the bungalow

Bungalow is a light suburban residential building. An important aspect is the comfort of the people living there. High-quality ventilation in a bungalow helps to cope with this task, as well as with a number of the following:

  • maintain a comfortable air temperature;
  • eliminate high humidity;
  • prevent the appearance of mold and condensation on the walls;
  • provide sufficient oxygen;
  • eliminate dust in the room.

The following ventilation standards in the bungalow must be observed:

  1. air temperature 20–25°C;
  2. humidity 45–60%.

Types of ventilation systems in a bungalow

The ventilation system of a bungalow can be natural or forced.
With natural ventilation, air is recirculated due to the action of gravitational forces: cold air displaces warm air. For natural ventilation, it is enough to open and close windows, doors and other openings. With this approach, the control is done manually, and the system cannot work effectively in the hot season, as the air will “stand” and not circulate.

Forced ventilation methods

Forced ventilation methods

The forced system can be:

  1. supply;
  2. exhaust;
  3. supply and exhaust.

The supply system ensures the supply of fresh air through the supply valves. The exhaust system removes the exhaust air through the exhaust ducts. Of course, in order to organize proper ventilation in a bungalow, you need a combination of supply and exhaust ducts.
The supply and exhaust system consists of:

  • mechanical fans;
  • filters;
  • control and management devices.

Mechanical fans are powered by electricity. As a result, there are additional costs for electricity. Also, the system is prone to failure due to power surges. Installation requires a high level of technical training and is labor intensive.

Proper ventilation in a bungalow with solar energy

To meet the ventilation standards in a bungalow, it is not necessary to install a complex ventilation system that depends on electricity. The Russian and foreign markets provide an opportunity to purchase equipment powered by solar energy. The sun is a source of inexhaustible free energy available in any region both in winter and in summer. Solar collectors – ventilation in a bungalow, organized safely, efficiently and without the cost of paying bills.

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