Ventilation is a prerequisite for the organization of fruit storage

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  1. What are fruit storage
  2. What problems do fruit storage owners face?
  3. Ventilation methods
  4. The cheapest fruit storage ventilation system

The fruit storage is designed to protect the crop from rodents and adverse environmental influences: from freezing and rotting, from high humidity and mold. The performance of this function becomes impossible if the storage is not properly ventilated; moreover, the structure itself, in the absence of an air exchange system, is subject to premature wear.

Ventilation is a prerequisite for the organization of fruit storage

The ventilation itself largely depends on the type of structure:

  • cellar-type fruit storage – located in the ground, on a slope chosen in such a way that the natural slope of the surface allows excess water to drain, while all the walls of the structure would be covered with soil;
  • hangar type – an easily erected structure with a large capacity, with an organized transport access and certain working conditions. Such designs are:

a) frameless arched
b) based on reinforced concrete elements.
Also, fruit storages are divided according to the type of product storage system:

  • in containers;
  • in bulk.

Problems related to crop storage

Regardless of the design and storage systems, there are common problems that all fruit storage owners face:

  • low temperatures in rooms where organic products are stored;
  • poor waterproofing, which, coupled with low temperatures, leads to high humidity;
  • condensate, which harms not only products, but also the building structure itself and equipment;
  • mold and various types of fungi;
  • air stagnation due to poor ventilation, the effect of “heavy”, “stale” air, the appearance of unpleasant odors and breathing difficulties for employees.

Fruit Storage Ventilation Types

All these problems are solved by a properly organized ventilation system for fruit storages. She happens:

  1. natural – air circulates freely due to temperature differences, without forced ventilation devices;
  2. mechanical – air exchange is formed by a duct system equipped with fans. Provides complete protection of products from external adverse factors.

The mechanical method is divided into:

  1. supply – mechanical air flow into the room (in some cases, the incoming air is then additionally filtered);
  2. exhaust – forced removal of exhaust air from the room;
  3. mixed – a combination of the first and second types;
  4. climate control systems are the most expensive project that allows you to set various indicators of the indoor microclimate.
Ventilation is a prerequisite for the organization of fruit storage

What kind of ventilation to choose?
If we talk about savings, then the cheapest (at the same time inefficient) is natural ventilation. It practically does not require costs, with the exception of minor repairs if necessary.
All types of mechanical fruit storage ventilation systems involve the use of electricity, hence the huge (compared to natural ventilation) increase in maintenance costs and ensuring smooth operation.
However, technologies are constantly developing, new options for solving the issue of how to properly ventilate a fruit store with a minimum investment of funds appear.

Free fruit storage ventilation system

Solar energy is becoming an indispensable and increasingly popular assistant in matters of saving money spent on paying bills for “technical” electricity.
In addition, the solar collector allows not only to save a decent amount, but also is a guarantee that the company cares about the environment, because it is energy based on a renewable source, it does not create hazardous waste and harmful emissions. Depending on the area of ​​the room, as well as on the type of ventilation, it is possible to install several solar panels, arranging your own ventilation system independent of electricity.
Solar devices:

  • easy to transport, install and operate;
  • do not need permits for installation;
  • work at any time of the year in any region of Russia, the CIS and Europe.

The ventilation of fruit storages (especially small and medium ones) works free of charge, fruits retain their taste and aroma for a long time, it is comfortable for workers to work, and costs are reduced. This is the advantage of air solar collectors.

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