Warehouse ventilation: why is it needed, what methods are there and which one is the most profitable?

A warehouse is a room in which property is stored and further work with it is planned. Proper ventilation of the warehouse is necessary to ensure the safety of products, goods and other material assets. In addition, constant air exchange ensures sanitary and hygienic working conditions that comply with the norms and rules of the law.
The main task of proper air exchange is protection from excess moisture or dry air. The first provokes the appearance of mold and fungus; the second – makes the product unusable, for example, rubber products, lose their elasticity and become brittle.

How to properly ventilate a warehouse: analysis of funds

Warehouse ventilation

Warehouse ventilation methods can be divided into:

  • by appointment: supply, exhaust;
  • by scope: general exchange and local;
  • by design features: channel and channels;
  • in the manner of creating pressure drops: natural and forced.

Pressure drops are needed to move air in the room. Natural ventilation is the simplest method and the least expensive method. But it has a significant drawback: the effectiveness of the method depends on temperature and wind speed. Such a system will not be able to maintain constant air exchange, purifying the air and ridding the warehouse of excess moisture.
Therefore, many owners use forced ventilation. Such systems are based on the operation of fans connected to the mains. They differ in power – the larger the service area, the higher the power and energy consumption. This ventilation option is suitable for large warehouse complexes, but how to ventilate small warehouses (for example, up to 50 m2), which are not suitable for powerful ventilation systems due to cost?

Reduce costs with off-grid ventilation systems

In Europe, the USA, Japan and China, already in the 90s, they began to abandon electric ventilation in favor of autonomous systems powered by wind or solar energy. Since 2014, solar ventilation systems have been available in Russia.
Their peculiarity is that they do not require costs, they work even where there are no power lines, and they are absolutely safe in terms of fire or explosion hazards.
The service life of such systems is up to 20 years with minimal maintenance. Ventilation with solar collectors is suitable for warehouses up to 150 square meters.

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