Winter garden heating: modern solutions

Creating and maintaining a viable winter garden from an engineering point of view is not an easy task. Year-round provision of a comfortable microclimate for plants (certain temperature, humidity and ventilation) requires financial costs and non-standard solutions.

Seasonal problems of winter garden heating

There are a number of traditional tasks that are indirectly or directly related to the question of how to efficiently heat a winter garden.

Seasonal problems of winter garden heating
  • In winter, when plants are in a dormant period, there is an acute shortage of sunlight and warm fresh air. It is not easy to consistently provide optimal heating performance, especially for heat-loving exotic crops, at this time of the year.
  • It is difficult for the main heating system to fully cope with the task of maintaining a serious difference between the temperature inside the winter garden and outside. On frosty days, the problem is aggravated, and overdried air and lack of high-quality ventilation complete the picture.
  • In summer, when the difference between internal and external temperatures is not so significant, organizing natural ventilation is much easier. At the same time, maintaining the stability of all indicators of the winter garden microclimate remains the most important task. Hot days and dusty air are detrimental to demanding crops.
  • Automation of the processes of uninterrupted functioning of air conditioning and heating systems is another serious issue that requires finding an adequate solution, regardless of the season.

Saving money when installing winter garden heating is of great importance, regardless of the type of engineering system chosen.

Variants of winter garden heating systems

The climatic conditions of Russia require careful attention to the choice of means – heaters for the winter garden. The organization of a combined system is preferable when several options are combined to achieve stability, reliability and non-failure operation.

  1. Connecting the winter garden to the central heating system of the house seems to be the best option, although in practice it is not always feasible. In this case, it will also be difficult to set a special temperature regime for plants.
  2. Placing water or gas heating radiators around the perimeter is a time-tested way to heat a winter garden without electricity, but with their help it is difficult to achieve stability and the same temperature throughout its volume. In addition, their rated power should be twice as high as that for an ordinary room.
  3. Panels of infrared heaters are economical, designed for mounting on the ceiling or walls of the premises. They quickly warm the greenhouse without burning oxygen and leaving the air moist.
  4. The organization of a warm floor allows you to evenly warm up the entire volume of the room and choose the final finish of the system to your liking, however, this option can cause overdrying of the soil and overheating of the root system of some plants in the winter garden.
  5. The use of an air conditioner involves maintaining the temperature regime in the greenhouse by means of the air heated by it, in addition, it can be used to carry out ventilation and regulate humidity.
  6. Solar energy is an additional source of heat for the winter garden since glass transmits a significant part of the light radiation. However, for its effective use, it is necessary to use autonomous heating systems for the winter garden, for example, air collectors.

Autonomous heating of the winter garden with solar energy: inexpensive and efficient

Any variant of the technical winter garden heating system has its advantages and disadvantages, and in some cases carries serious risks for maintaining the viability of plants (power outage in a situation where it is used as the main source of heat).
Autonomous solar collectors allow you to protect plants from death in case of unforeseen circumstances and significantly reduce the cost of maintaining greenhouses. They provide an opportunity to comprehensively regulate the microclimate in the winter garden due to an inexhaustible and environmentally friendly source of energy.

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