Winter garden ventilation

The conservatory is used as a room with natural light to accommodate indoor or exotic non-hardy plants. Winter garden ventilation solves the following problems:

  • supply of fresh air;
  • outflow of exhaust air;
  • temperature and humidity control.

These conditions are necessary to create a microclimate favorable for plant life.

Proper ventilation of the winter garden

Winter garden ventilation

The ventilation norms for the winter garden are as follows:

  • temperature 10–20°C (depending on plant species);
  • humidity 50–70%;
  • keeping the soil temperature at 20 ° C (for most indoor plants).

Stuffiness in the warm season and hypothermia of plants in the cold season should be avoided. In turn, excessive moisture can destroy plants, lead to the formation of condensate on the walls of the room, which can significantly reduce the life of the structure.

Types of winter garden ventilation

The ventilation of the winter garden can be natural or forced.
Natural ventilation is carried out due to natural air exchange, which is provided by the opening / closing of vents or other openings. The main disadvantage is that you have to open / close the windows manually. Plants will not be protected from excessively warm or cold air – the ventilation norms of the winter garden will not be observed.
The forced ventilation system is based on the installation of exhaust devices in the roof and supply devices in the lower part of the room. Air exchange and climate control are carried out by electric fans. A significant disadvantage is that it requires significant fixed costs for electricity.
It should be noted that the installation of an air conditioner will not solve the problem of high-quality ventilation of the winter garden, since only heating or cooling the air is not enough: it is necessary that the air be suitable for the life of plants.

Solar Ventilation Systems

Solar Ventilation Systems

There is a way to organize proper ventilation without the cost of operating the system. For this, equipment operating from sources of public inexhaustible energy (solar) is used. There is no need to figure out how to accumulate solar energy – such devices have already been developed and are being sold in Russia. Installation and installation are carried out without difficulty. Such collectors are common in the world (mainly in Europe, USA, Canada).
The energy of the sun’s rays is accumulated and transformed at any time of the year, and high-quality ventilation of the winter garden with the help of equipment operating on an alternative energy source is carried out autonomously in winter, spring, summer and autumn.

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