Heating of vegetable stores and vegetable warehouses

Heating of vegetable stores and vegetable warehouses

The shelf life of vegetables and their taste characteristics depend on the conditions created in the warehouses. Heating vegetable depots and vegetable stores, along with well-thought-out ventilation, increases the keeping quality of root crops and protects agricultural products from rot and freezing in winter.

Vegetables emit heat during storage, and the heating system of vegetable stores and vegetable warehouses is switched on periodically: when the temperature outside the warehouse drops below -20ºS, or when the room itself is not warmed enough. Therefore, local heating in the vegetable store and vegetable warehouse is preferable to centralized heating.

Heating vegetable warehouses and vegetable stores: system selection

When choosing a suitable heating system for a vegetable store and vegetable warehouse, the following factors are taken into account:

  • storage area;
  • estimated room temperature in winter;
  • type of product and how it is stored.

The requirements for heating vegetable stores are as follows:

  • rapid heating of the room to the desired temperature;
  • economical consumption of electricity or fuel;
  • the possibility of occasional use.
Solar energy for heating vegetable stores

These parameters correspond to diesel and electric heat guns. They heat the air to a high temperature and force it into the vegetable store. Fast and uniform heating of the entire room is achieved, regardless of its area. Additionally, warm air masses ventilate root crops, eliminate the excess moisture, improving storage conditions for agricultural products.

But both electric and diesel heat guns have significant drawbacks: high fuel and electricity consumption, and dependence on external power sources. In case of failures in the supply of diesel or problems with the power grid, it is impossible to organize local heating in vegetable stores and vegetable warehouses, which can lead to crop death and serious financial losses. To avoid this scenario, solar-powered equipment is being used in a number of countries.

Solar energy for heating vegetable stores

Air solar collectors use the same principle as heat guns: they heat the air and supply it to the room. But the devices run on renewable and free solar energy without putting a strain on the grid or requiring diesel supplies. During the winter season, the use of solar-powered equipment brings economic benefits.
Another plus of solar collectors is their autonomy. Heating does not depend on the supply of fuel and the work of energy sales companies. Installation of devices does not require the preparation of complex project documentation, installation takes a minimum of time, and debugging of equipment is not required – heating of vegetable stores and vegetable warehouses is immediately ready for operation.

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