How to get rid of mold in the attic

Mold in the attic is formed when harmful fungi multiply. Why is there mold in the attic? The main reason for this problem is excessive moisture. Excess moisture occurs due to poor ventilation or insulation of the room from rain and snow.

What causes mold in the attic

How to get rid of mold in the attic

Here are a number of negative consequences of the problem:

  • an unpleasant smell of dampness, a general deterioration in the microclimate of the living quarters;
  • destruction of the structure (rotting wood);
  • a threat to human health (do not underestimate the consequences of mold formation: it causes exhaustion of the body, dizziness, nausea, etc.);
  • damage to property stored in the attic.

There was mold in the attic: what to do?

There was mold in the attic: what to do?

If mold has already formed, then it must be eliminated. White mold can be destroyed on its own. You will need:

  • soak areas;
  • neutralize the fungus with special preparations;
  • remove mold with a metal brush;
  • use a protective cover.

If the stage of black mold has come, it is often necessary to completely change the boards of the structure, or contact the technical service for the help of professionals.
In order not to have to solve the question “how to remove mold from the attic”, you need to take care of high-quality ventilation.

Attic ventilation can be organized using:

  1. mechanical electric fans;
  2. devices that store solar energy.

The first option has such disadvantages as dependence on the electrical network (hence the cost of paying for electricity) and the complexity of installing the system.

How to remove mold from the attic permanently with solar energy

Where is the mold in the attic, we figured it out. To solve the problem, the organization of high-quality ventilation is required. Is it possible to implement a system that does not require operating costs? Can.
The use of solar energy for room ventilation is popular not only in Russia, but also abroad (Europe, America, Asia). Devices require only one-time costs – for purchase and installation.
Accumulation and transformation of solar rays is possible in any region and at any time of the year. You no longer have to wonder: “if mold appears in the attic, what will I do?”. It is possible and affordable to protect your home with the help of the least expensive way at the moment from such a nuisance as mold in the attic.

Get rid of mold in the attic

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