11 interesting facts about solar energy

Solar energy is one of the most powerful suppliers of renewable energy on Earth. For billions of years, the Sun has provided light, heat and energy for life on our planet. Since 1839, the development of solar energy began and continues to gain momentum day by day. The facts about solar energy and its use are inexhaustible.

11 most interesting facts about solar energy:

  1. Solar energy is a clean and natural method of obtaining energy, it does not pose a biological or environmental hazard.
  2. In developing countries, gas, oil and coal have already become more expensive than solar energy.
  3. Over the past three years, 60% of all solar panels have been installed. The leading countries in the use of solar energy are Germany, Spain, Japan.
  4. 50% of all solar systems are produced in the Land of the Rising Sun to work in the homes of ordinary Japanese. Japanese government policy encourages residents to use the panels and reimburses nearly half the cost of installing them.
  5. 1 kW from burning 77 kilograms of coal is equal to 1 kW produced by a solar panel.
  6. The wide distribution and use of solar panels became real thanks to American scientists and industrialists who created the Solar Energy Association in 1955.
  7. Sunny weather is not needed for the operation of the panels, energy is generated even when it is cloudy. The battery stores electricity on sunny days and uses it on cloudy and stormy days.
  8. The sun’s rays reach the Earth in just 8 minutes.
  9. The most powerful polar solar power plant is located in the Russian Federation. It was built in Yakutia in 2016. The average annual generation of electricity by the sun at the station will save 16,000,000 rubles or 300 tons of fuel.
  10. According to research by the German Aerospace Center: if solar panels are placed in the Sahara, then 1% of the desert will be enough to provide electricity to the whole world! Every year, humanity uses 13 TW of energy, and the Sahara can give the world 450 TW of energy.
  11. Solar panels are becoming more and more efficient. In 1954, the very first solar panels had an efficiency (energy conversion rate) of about 4%. Today, modern solar panels can achieve over 20% efficiency. For example, in our catalog, there are flexible panels with an efficiency of over 22%!

The popularity of solar energy in Russia is growing every day. Burning gas, oil and coal leads to environmental pollution and global warming. Installing solar collectors, we change lives for the better!

11 interesting facts about solar energy
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