Animal kennel heater

Thoughtful heating of the nursery is necessary to maintain the well-being and mood of the animals, the rapid and full development of the offspring. Often nurseries are not designed for year-round use. This, and the lack of thoughtful thermal insulation, leads to a drop in temperature inside the nursery during the cold season below +18 … + 20ºS. There is a risk to health, catarrhal diseases among animals become more frequent. Without solving this problem, the room cannot be used. How to heat the animal kennel?

Various methods of heating rooms for keeping and raising animals

If the nursery is connected to a central heating system, but its power is not enough for full heating, the solution is to increase the boiler performance and increase the number of radiators. Modifying an existing system seems like a simple solution, but in practice it leads to the need to:

  • conducting an energy efficiency audit to identify weaknesses in the existing heating system;
  • purchase of expensive equipment;
  • performing work on changing the wiring of pipelines, connecting additional heating batteries.
Animal kennel heater

Nursery heating requires a serious investment of money, unless you look at more economical ways to solve the problem.
A number of owners believe that it is easy to solve the problem by purchasing an oil or infrared heater. However, practice shows that this option is unacceptable and even dangerous for animals:

  1. An oil heater, when installed in an animal kennel, raises the temperature only in a small area, the rest of the room remains cold.
  2. During operation, the electric heating device burns oxygen, the content of carbon dioxide in the air rises, and with insufficient ventilation, hypoxia begins in animals.
    Electric heaters cannot be turned on without human control – there is always a risk of a short circuit and fire, so they only work during the day, and at night the temperature in the nursery drops below the acceptable level.

Although electric heaters seem attractive, they are not an effective and safe solution to the problem of insufficient heating.

Heat your nursery safely and inexpensively. How?

It is possible to reduce the amount of expensive resources and establish heating of a room or an enclosure for animals without harm to its inhabitants when switching to solar-powered equipment.

Solar heaters for nurseries automatically turn on when sunlight hits the panel and heat the air due to their energy. Air masses are additionally filtered and fed into the room with the help of a fan, which maintains their constant circulation. The temperature in the rooms quickly rises to the desired levels.

Solar equipment for creating a warm nursery does not require an electrical connection, does not consume liquid or solid fuel. Works great without human control, creating no risk of short circuit. This is an environmentally friendly option: the device does not produce exhaust gases (compared to heat guns). Among all the ways to heat the nursery, the use of solar devices is also noteworthy due to:

  1. Affordable cost of the equipment itself;
  2. Quick and easy installation work;
  3. Possibility of creating heating of individual rooms/floors.

Heating a nursery with solar energy saves time and money for the owner and creates a healthy environment for keeping animals.

Safe and efficient heating for the nursery

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