Mold and fungus in the duplex: causes, consequences, solution to the problem

Mold is a microscopic fungus that grows on almost any surface. Its spores are present everywhere, but they begin to develop only when they enter a favorable environment: a dark, humid place with stagnant air. And if mold has appeared in a duplex, this indicates a lack of normal ventilation.
Most often, the fungus grows in places where condensation accumulates: for example, under the sink in the kitchen, next to sewer pipes, under beams on a leaking roof, in a damp basement or cellar. It is easy to detect: black spots, yellow or gray stains appear on the walls, floor or ceiling, an unpleasant “mushroom” smell is established in the room.

Mold and fungus in the duplex

What danger is the fungus?

The mold gradually destroys the surfaces in contact with it: the wood rots and turns into dust, the metal is corroded by rust. Decaying paper, and textiles. It’s hard not to notice:

  • The upholstery of the furniture is deteriorating, holes appear on it.
  • Finishing materials begin to move away, deform, change color.
  • The wiring cracks, the cores are exposed: there is a risk of a short circuit.
  • Pipes fail and leak.

The mold “spreads” from one object to another and inevitably affects the supporting structures of the duplex: beams and trusses lose their strength. Cracks may appear on the foundation and walls, the roof will begin to sag: the house will require major repairs.
To avoid this, it is necessary not only to understand where the mold came from, but to eliminate all its colonies in the duplex and prevent them from re-growth.

How to remove the fungus and permanently protect the duplex from it?

If the fungus has already appeared, the main task is to quickly eliminate it, to prevent colonies from developing. This requires:

  1. Take the furniture outside and air it out.
  2. Remove mold mechanically with scrapers.
  3. Treat all surfaces in the house with a special compound.

Usually, this is enough. But it is equally important to deal with the causes of its occurrence.
The main reason for the appearance of the fungus is insufficient air exchange. Often, when planning a duplex, developers refuse to install supply and exhaust systems, hoping that natural ventilation will cope with ventilation. But its work depends on weather conditions: temperature, pressure, and wind direction. And it often turns out that the air is removed slowly, and its humidity rises.
Therefore, effective protection of the duplex from mold is the installation of a mechanical ventilation system. Such a decision does not necessarily entail high costs. If you refuse to buy electrical equipment in favor of devices powered by solar energy, you can get a number of important advantages:

  • Protect your home from fungus.
  • Minimize the cost of installing ventilation: solar collectors are mounted without a preliminary project or approval, and the work takes a minimum of time.
  • Achieve better air circulation in the rooms for free: the appliances do not consume electricity, which means you do not have to pay for their work.

Due to numerous advantages, in Europe and America, solar collectors are actively used in the private sector to normalize air humidity and protect houses from fungus. In recent years, this technology has become relevant for Russia and the CIS countries.
Mold in a duplex can cause many problems for the owners. But you will not encounter a fungus if you organize high-quality ventilation and normalize the humidity in the premises.

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