The problem of humidity in the guest house and its solution

The optimal humidity for humans varies from 40 to 60%. If the humidity in the guest house is higher, this affects:

  • The well-being of vacationers: dampness disrupts the normal microclimate, it becomes difficult to breathe indoors, and the risk of developing respiratory diseases increases.
  • The comfort of the guests: the humidity in the guest house creates an unpleasant smell of dampness and mold – it is unpleasant to be in such a room.
  • The service life of furniture, home textiles, equipment: compliance with humidity standards is important not only for a person, but also for the household items surrounding him. Water vapor causes corrosion of metal parts, decay of natural materials (paper, wood, cotton and linen). High humidity in the camp site leads to the need for frequent repairs.

But the most unpleasant consequence of constant dampness is the development of molds. They not only worsen the aesthetic perception of the house, but also violate sanitary and epidemiological standards, which can lead to problems with the SES and other regulatory authorities.

Causes of High Humidity

The problem of humidity in the guest house and its solution

To eliminate dampness in the guest house, it is necessary to establish the causes of its occurrence. Basically there are two:

  1. Location of the house near water bodies (rivers, lakes, sea). On the coasts, normal humidity can exceed 90%.
  2. Violation of ventilation: stagnation of air in the premises contributes to the formation of condensate and the appearance of mold.

To normalize the level of humidity in the guest house, it is enough to organize the effective operation of the ventilation system. If the cause of dampness is the high content of water vapor in the outdoor air, it is necessary to abandon natural ventilation in favor of mechanical ventilation. The equipment will maintain forced circulation of the air flow and pre-dry the air to 40-60% comfortable for a person.

Often, dampness in a guest house appears in separate rooms: bathrooms, next to the pool or in the kitchen area. In this case, it is necessary:
Install a local ventilation system in problem areas.

Use dehumidifiers that work on the principle of fan heaters.
These activities are enough to control the humidity in the guest house and create a healthy environment for vacationers.

An economical way to protect the hostel from excessive moisture

Eliminating dampness in a guest house is quite simple, but it can lead to unplanned expenses:

  • Purchase of expensive equipment.
  • Installation and commissioning costs.
  • A sharp increase in electricity consumption.

To deal with humidity and stay on budget, look to appliances that use alternative energy sources. For example, air solar collectors. They work on the principle of fan heaters and are used to create effective mechanical ventilation throughout the facility or in its individual zones. Due to the fact that the equipment does not require a connection to the mains, simple and inexpensive installation is guaranteed. But their main advantage is that they do not consume electricity (or any other expensive resource), and they work for free.

Summing up

You can control the humidity in the guest house with a good ventilation system. To make installation and maintenance less expensive, replace electrical equipment with air solar collectors. This solution allows you to optimize the costs of the tourist complex and increase customer loyalty by positioning the company as environmentally conscious.

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