Insolation of Europe and the Balkan region. The potential of photovoltaic energy.

Insolation is the amount of solar radiation that falls on a given area of the earth’s surface. Insolation is an important factor in calculating the solar energy potential in different regions of the world. In Europe, insolation varies according to the time of year, region, and geographic location.

The Balkans and Germany are two regions of Europe that boast good solar energy potential. In the Balkans, many regions have higher insolation than in central Europe, including Germany.

Photovoltaic capacity potential in Germany
Photovoltaic capacity potential in Germany
Direct normal radiation - insolation in Germany
Direct normal radiation – insolation in Germany

According to the European Climate Change and Clean Energy Service, the table below shows the values of insolation in major European cities:

CityInsolation (kWh/m² per year)

The table shows that cities in southern Europe, such as Athens, Lisbon and Madrid, have significantly higher insolation values than cities in the northern part of the continent. Nevertheless, cities in Germany, such as Berlin and Munich, have insolation values high enough to use solar energy.

In the Balkans, countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia have a very high solar energy potential. This is due to their geographical location and high insolation values. The most efficient way to use solar energy in the Balkans is to install solar panels on the roofs of buildings in order to use solar energy to generate electricity.

In Germany, solar power also has great potential. According to data, by March 2022, more than 2.5 million solar installations had already been installed in Germany, providing more than 10% of all electricity consumed in the country. Germany is also a leader in the production of solar panels, indicating a high level of technological development in this area.

In general, solar energy is a promising and environmentally friendly source of energy in Europe. It can be used both for home use and for production purposes. Insolation is a key factor when calculating solar energy efficiency in different regions of Europe, and the Balkans and Germany, despite their different geographical positions, both have high potential for solar energy.

To learn more about regional insolation data, see the map

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