Heating of vegetable stores and vegetable warehouses

Premises for storing vegetables need strict adherence to a certain temperature regime. The uninterrupted and high-quality operation of the heating system is crucial for the safety of the goods, which determines the level of income of the owner.

Tasks of the vegetable warehouse heating system

Premises for storing vegetables can be simple or stationary. The first type includes piles (deep or ground) and trenches, the second – any specialized vegetable warehouses and storage facilities, as well as equipped basements of residential and industrial buildings.

Tasks of the vegetable warehouse heating system

For most fruit and vegetable products, the storage temperature ranges from 0 ± 1 ° C, however, some crops require maintaining higher values. So, vegetables and fruits ripening during their stay in the warehouse need differentiated heating. A step change in the mode is also necessary for potatoes:

  • 15-18 ° C during the treatment period;
  • 4-5° C during the main winter storage stage;
  • 2-3° C in spring.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that the heating of the vegetable store in the offices for employees should be carried out in accordance with the standards generally accepted for industrial premises. Such variations cause considerable difficulties in organizing the heat supply system.

Organization of heating of vegetable storages

As soon as the temperature begins to decrease seasonally and the difference between indoor and outdoor readings becomes noticeable, it is necessary to connect indoor air heating systems to keep it 2-3°C higher. This is necessary to prevent the formation of condensate on the products and their spoilage.

  1. Large-area vegetable depots use steam and water heaters. The distribution of warm air can be distributed or concentrated.
  2. In the case when there is no centralized heat supply, and it is not possible to organize a boiler room in the room, electric current energy is used for heating.

There are electric heaters designed directly for vegetable stores with fans that give a stream of warm air up to 6 m wide and 15 m long. Proper placement of such equipment allows you to ensure uniform heating of the room.
The general electric heating system is extremely expensive and not very reliable due to possible interruptions in its supply due to preventive maintenance on the line, insufficient equipment fault tolerance or other reasons. The use of additional devices for local heating of the vegetable store in the offices of employees or in certain areas of the base exacerbates the situation.

Using solar energy to heat a vegetable warehouse

The question of how to heat a vegetable store reliably and inexpensively can be solved by air solar collectors, acting as an independent or additional heat supply system. Installation of equipment is carried out quickly, and its operation is carried out offline and does not require the organization of a security system.
The use of a free and environmentally friendly source of energy allows you to create optimal conditions for storing products, reduces the technological load on the environment and significantly saves the budget of a company of any size.

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