High humidity in the garage

High humidity in the garage

What should be the humidity in the garage? The room where the car is parked and repaired must be dry. Therefore, it is recommended that the relative humidity is not more than 60%. If this norm is violated in the garage, unpleasant consequences arise:

  • car body corrosion
  • damage to tools, inventory;
  • rotting of wooden parts of the premises and property;
  • condensation and mold.

Accordingly, such a frequent occurrence as rust on the body is due to high humidity and improper ventilation of the room. Proper ventilation helps both reduce the level of humidity in the garage and provide the room with fresh air and the oxygen that a person needs.

How to remove moisture in the garage

If natural ventilation is not sufficient to reduce the humidity of the garage space, then forced ventilation is recommended. Artificial ventilation is equipped with fans, filters and controls. Electricity is required to keep the system running. If the norm of humidity in the garage is ensured, then the ventilation is working correctly and efficiently.

How to reduce humidity in the garage effectively and inexpensively

So, you know what the humidity should be, and you know the negative consequences that occur if there is excess moisture in the room where the car is parked. But to fix the problem without resorting to the introduction of complex and expensive electrical forced ventilation? It is possible to reduce the level of air humidity in the garage room using not electric, but solar dehumidification.
The foreign and Russian markets are offered devices powered by solar energy. You do not need to bear the cost of operation, since the sun’s rays are publicly available and free of charge in any region all year round. These safe devices will help you regulate the humidity in your garage, and you only have to pay once – at the time of purchase and installation.

Rid the garage of high humidity

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