Germany has shut down the last operating nuclear power plants, ending the era of nuclear power

On the night of Sunday, April 16, the last three operating nuclear power plants (NPPs) in Germany were unplugged, symbolizing the end of an era of nuclear power generation in the country that lasted more than 60 years. This news was reported by the German publication

Today, opponents of nuclear power are holding rallies in Berlin and other cities, marking a historic step toward safety and the final entry into the era of renewable energy.

Germany has shut down the last operating nuclear power plants, ending the era of nuclear power
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Environmental Protection and Nuclear Safety Minister Steffi Lemke expressed her confidence that abandoning nuclear power would make Germany safer. “The risks associated with nuclear power are ultimately uncontrollable in the event of an accident,” she said.

Green Party co-chairwoman Ricarda Lang said on Twitter that exiting nuclear power means “finally entering the era of renewable energy. At the same time, German Free Democratic Party Secretary General Bijan Jir-Saray called not to abandon the technology altogether and believes that nuclear power must have a future in Germany, including research into nuclear fusion and taking advantage of the possibilities of new and safer nuclear fission technologies.

The leader of the Free Democratic Party, Christian Lindner, believes that the three nuclear power plants should remain in reserve and not be dismantled, while the local media report that almost two-thirds of Germans opposed the shutdown in opinion polls.

The decision to abandon nuclear power was made by Angela Merkel’s government against the background of the major disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan in 2011.

The recent decision of the German government to completely shut down all of the country’s nuclear power plants has prompted experts to look for alternative energy sources. One of the most promising options is solar energy. Solar panels installed on rooftops of residential buildings and on large solar farms can provide a large part of the energy needed for the country. Germany is currently one of the world leaders in the production of solar panels, and its experience can be used to develop this technology in other countries.

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